3D Printing with Food – Inspiration

Throughout this project I’ve faced many limitations due to current 3D printing technology due to materiality and scale. I find it encouraging that the 3D printing industry is continuing to evolve so quickly, as it means my project of a full metal cane will soon one day be a reality.

When I saw this article about 3D printing food, I wondered if this is something people would ever desire, or is it simply a novelty you’d order in a very haute-restaurant concept.

I think many people who are currently working with 3D printing technology often question whether it’s truly an advancement or simply a novelty for their industry, passion, or cause. Whether it’s fabrics, food, plastics, or metals – one thing that does hold true is that those who are advancing the field through continuous trial and error, do deserve recognition as innovators and pioneers.

Source for images & video: http://techcrunch.com/2014/11/21/surprise-bananas-do-not-make-a-great-3d-printing-material/

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