Silicone Mold Making & Chocolate Cane Handles – Experiment 1

After Ryan’s mold making workshop a couple of weeks ago, I began to think more about mold making as a way to prototype, given metal 3D printing is a bit cost and time prohibitive given our course coming to an end so soon. I began looking into ways to cast metal at home which my […]

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SOLS: 3D Printed Orthotics & Mass Customization of Footware – Inspiration Foot health is important, I should know as I’m the daughter of a podiatrist. I remember getting my first pair of orthotics for my basketball shoes in high school. They were over $300, took weeks to receive, and were extremely uncomfortable when I finally got them to use during practice. Basically, I ended up […]

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Dutch Design Week – The Alienating Effect of Technology

Going beyond simply invention and innovative design, Dutch Design Week featured critical pieces that questioned how society views aging and disability. A series of photographs picturing older adults, perplexed and annoyed with their robot companions, was both amusing and thought-provoking. We often think of advancing and utilizing technology as universally good, but in many instances […]

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Design Thinking at Philips Design

Our visit to Philips Design and the Philips Innovation Center was one of the highlights of the trip. Since my graduate degree program centers around design thinking processes, hearing how a large corporation is adopting and implementing a strategic approach towards human-centered design was encouraging. The presenter was not much older than students in my […]

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Innovative Fabric & Printed Electronics to Improve Healthcare

The Holst Center was extremely impressive! Advancements in fabrics, flexible + printed¬†¬† electronics, and processes that weave fabric and technology together are quite exciting when it comes to healthcare. For example, the EKG monitor of the future weighs <10 grams and supports wireless transmission of medical grade data. Another example we learned about is a […]

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Digital Craft Workshop with Ebru Kurbak (University of Applied Arts Vienna)

Perspective-Specific Data Storage Meaning is never as simple as pure black and white. There is often many shades in-between. Depending on your perspective, vantage point, and existing biases, each object we encounter in life has an individual meaning to each of us. Our medium enables data to be stored and decoded in different ways by […]

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The Mathematics of Origami

David Kandel teaches mathematics through origami to inner-city middle school students in Baltimore. He led a fantastic workshop for our Unravel the Code class and showcased the work of famous origamist, as well as provided instruction for how we can utilize origami to create strength and collapsibility in our designs.

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