Feedback #2: Meeting w/ Annet

As 2 of the 3 team members were out this week sick, Kyle was point and taking not only the lead but the full team burden in the workshop session.

We wanted to clarify the objective of this assignment, just to make sure we fully understood the end goal. Annet confirmed that we should be making different prototypes in order to explore different possibilities of manufacturing. She thought we took a good approach by making our own individual prototypes to explore and then share as a group for the first round.

One crucial piece of feedback, is that we may be trying to solve too many problems at once with our design. I know as a group we’ve talked about carrying water from remote places, helping people measure and figure out how much water they need for various uses, and/or filtering unsafe water. The advice imparted was that we should pick one key problem and focus our prototypes on a solution. This will help us limit our scope and inform our design.

Kyle spent most of the class doing free play and working on mock-ups.

As a team, we need to keep our eye on the prize and continue to rapidly move forward. By our last week of class, we have 3 deliverables that must be completed:

1) A completed Creative Process Journal

2) A final mock-up

3) A powerpoint/prezi oral presentation to the group about our mock-up and our design process

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