Mock-up #1: Shower Curtain Vest Video


First we drew a schematic for the pattern of the vest.


We then experimented with the materials.  This is a shower curtain that we used the industrial heat sealer to seal edges of the plastic.  We then filled the compartment with water and sealed the final edge to create a packet of water.  This proved out our concept of materials and technique.


We then met to complete the final design of the template.




v4 v5

We started to construct the template using a safety vest as a pattern.



We cut out a pattern of the construction safety vest with a utility knife.

v8 v9 v11 v12

We used the heat sealer to start to connect and melt the two edges of the pattern cut out of the shower curtain material together.


The final pattern is complete with plastic templates fused together with the heat sealer.v15

We then needed to make an opening for the water to be collected into the vest.

v16 v17
We continued to fill the vest with water in the sink until there was at least 1.5 gallons on each side.


With this amount of water, the vest was pretty heavy.


Phil put the vest on for demonstration. He even danced. For footage, see

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