Initial 3D Prototype & Voronoi Cylinder Tutorial in Grasshopper w/ Rhino 3D

Due to software updates of both Rhino & Grasshopper, the tutorial I found for a Voronoi cylinder didn’t work out perfectly, as hoped.

I got almost done to the point where it was time to wrap the Voronoi plane around a cylinder, but due to some coding mismatches, it wasn’t possibly.

Luckily, Ryan saved the day and helped figure out a way to still create the Voronoi effect but rather inwardly facing. I really liked this design, so after Ryan left, I tweaked the design a bit more before moving on to 3D print a plaster prototype. Class seemed to end too soon though, so the actual printing needed to wait until next time!

Grasshopper Voronoi Cylinder Tutorial Part 1

Original Desired Outcome:

voronoi cylinder


Inward Facing Voronoi Cylinder in Grasshoper & Rhino

(Big thanks to Ryan for all your help!)



Inward Facing Voronoi Cylinder (Close-up 3D Render in MeshLab)

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 2.25.30 PM

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